Over the last decade, we’ve successfully acquired a collection of franchises across a spectrum of sectors, including retail, restaurants, fast food, health & beauty and construction.

Our reputation as franchise management specialists soon resulted in external entrepreneurs and investors approaching us to be part of the success story.

By understanding market trends and continuously analysing potential business risks, we’ve built a reputation of being excellent at acquiring ideally located franchises at the best prices – maximising our return – and ensuring our company stability.

Our management team consists of highly skilled, actively involved members with decades of experience in business operations, management, funding and franchising. Their passion and knowledge form the cornerstones of our business.

Board Members

Adv. Musa Ndlovu

Non-Executive: Chairman
(Legal & Compliance)

Dr. Danie Van Zyl

(Legal & Group Franchising)

Tiego Moroaswi

(Construction & Engineering)

Fortune Howard

(Medical & Development)

Our Group of Executive Board Members consist out of prominent roll players within the different sectors of Law, Engineering & the Medical Industry, thus contributing positively & effectively in their different fields of expertise forming a unilateral bond as Members of the Executive Board.

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