When it comes to buying a franchise, having the right franchisor in your corner is key factor for the long-term success of your business.

After all, franchisors are responsible for providing dedicated marketing services and generating brand awareness, as well as supplying the expert business and operational support needed to ensure smooth sailing for your business.

Here’s three reasons that The Franchise Co. is an ideal franchise partner:

In exchange for royalties and franchise fees, franchisees should expect to receive a turn-key business solution with all the necessary support in place to help ensure that your franchise is a success.

As South Africa’s leading franchise management specialists, The Franchise Co. prides ourselves on offering top-quality support and services, continuously adapting and innovating to better serve our brands and future markets.

Furthermore, we offer more than just our brand names and marketing materials. The Franchise Co. is also involved in location selection; financial advice; marketing, training and guiding front and back of house management; and compliance with health and safety policies.

Additionally, we are resolute on the training we offer staff members and franchisees, ensuring greater uniformity of high-quality service across brands, as well as improved efficacy and increased morale. This improves client satisfaction and, ultimately, the bottom line for franchisees.

The Franchise Co. has also expanded our corporate divisions to include a tech company to cover our own and new clients’ Communication Systems, Internet Service Provision, Point of Sale Systems, Security Solutions, Advertising and IT Support.

Franchise management teams should consist of highly skilled, actively involved members with extensive experience in business operations, management, funding, marketing and, of course, franchising.

The Franchise Co.’s team of passionate and knowledgeable individuals are the cornerstones of our business, with big-picture thinkers that understand the dynamics of the marketplace, the competitive situation and what our business proposition is.

We continuously modify systems and practices to stay ahead of the curve, while our intensive research and hands-on experience allow our specialists to perfect business models before inviting franchisees into the business.

Likewise, we pride ourselves on strong governance. Our Executive Board Members consist of prominent and expert executives in their various sectors including Fast Food, Law, Engineering, IT and the Medical fields, which firmly contributes towards upholding our values and the various brands we represent.

Finally, franchisors should have demonstrable experience and a solid track record in successfully managing a diverse range of franchises.

This is where The Franchise Co. truly stands out, having successfully acquired a collection of franchises across a spectrum of sectors. We now manage brands that compete in industries such as retail, restaurants, fast food, health and beauty, medical, hospitality, and construction, making our company the ideal franchisor to partner with.

Our operating model is geared towards ensuring the franchisees’ establishments have the best chance at achieving success, and our growth comes with having clarity of vision, knowing what milestones must be reached, what needs to be done and how we are getting there.

Apart from boasting a myriad of franchises in various sectors, our strength also comes from understanding market trends and continuously analysing potential business risks. We have maintained a reputation for excellence by acquiring ideally located franchises to ensure our sustainability and relevance.

Ready to join The Franchise Co. family? We are currently offering franchisees the opportunity to invest in one of the following exciting fast-food, restaurant, medical and hospitality brands: Sausage Saloon, Blacksteer, Yummy Fish and Chips, ChesaNyama, Mike’s Kitchen, Nyamalicious, Yami Rib & Burger, Yami Pizza, Zebro’s, Medirent, PeekABoo, Eximia Belle and Sleepover Motels.