Few things can replace proper care. Our brands embody a philosophy that put people first!

Medical Franchises

Care is our top priority when it comes to our medical franchises. It is important to us that patients receive a high level of treatment when visiting one of our medical centres. Showing humanity how much we care. 

Medi Rent Africa specialises in the sourcing, procurement and rental of specialised medical equipment. We support medical practitioners in the achievement of international standards, and assist in the setup of new facilities.

Peekaboo is a 4D Window into the Womb. Pregnancy is the most magical time for parents. Make us part of your journey to parenthood. 

Eximia Belle offers a wide variety of treatments using our state of the art equipment. We understand your need for specialized care, professional approach & excellent service. Our passion is clinical skincare, we offer a variety of treatments to suite your skin. 


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